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Home is about building, care, belonging and becoming. 

Home is very concrete but also abstract. 

It is the place or person where I feel at home. It is the place which I can call my own. 

I can make my home anywhere. But everywhere does not allow me to be at home

Home is dwelling. It is a verb. Housing is not just the end product, but the process of dwelling, housing, becoming, and belonging.

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This site reflects on homelessness, housing and land rights, considering these as categories of social and spatial (in)justice. It locates itself in the City of Tshwane, the administrative capital of South Africa, and a city of capital. 

It offers prototypes that seek to make space, where no space exists, for particularly vulnerable urban dwellers – dwelling together, longing and – hopefully – birthing home together. 

The site reflects the collaborative journey of the Centre for Faith and Community at the University of Pretoria; the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, a faith-based community organization; and Lawyers for Human Rights, an independent human rights NGO. 

Together, they seek to animate a small local movement to end and prevent homelessness, one person and one family at a time, through strategic interventions, innovative prototypes, legal action, community education, and engaged research. 

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